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What to eat in Mui Ne ?

 Before arriving Phan Thiet, you may ask yourself “what to eat?”. This is my summary of the cuisine part of the website and it may be useful for you. Besides, you should read our topics on the Tourism Map – Cuisine to have a clear view about eating and tasting specilities in Phan Thiet.

1. Roll papper rolls : this is usually sold along with banh trang mam ruoc (rice paper and shrimp sauce) along side of the road. The basic component are rice paper, shrimp sauce, pork greaves and quail eggs. They wrap and roll the shrimp sauce along with greaves and eggs by the rice paper. This dish is very delicious.


2.Literally , cake soup : Delicious and nutritious. You may use bread to eat with this soup. There are many kind of banh canh, such as banh canh cha ca (banh canh soup with grilled fish or steam egg meatloaf. In Phan Thiet,this soup is a little bit sweet; therefore, you may feel uncomfortable. But it’s worth trying. Besides, Banh canh, try Banh mi Xiu mai (Vietnamese meatball sandwich).

3.Fish salad:   A salad can not help but enjoy the time you have to Phan Thiet - Mui Ne

4. Phan Thiet 's Quang noodles :  A very typical local dish of Phan Thiet , try to see the difference of wheat and Quang Phan Thiet.

5. Phanthiet Pancake: Tuyen Quang street in Phan Thiet is called the “foggy street” thanks to the “fog” of the sizzling cake restaurant at the evening. The sizzling sound and the aroma of the cake makes customers can not leave. 

6. Phan thiet rice powder ‘can’ cake:    Have you ever vist Phan Thiet and try this kind of cake? This is a very familiar dish to locals. “Why “banh can”?”. Indeed, it should be “cang” (stretched) because when it’s finished, the cake will be inflated. This is one of the dishes that you can not miss in Phan Thiet.

7. Phanthiet sweet potato pancake : is a sweet cake that is made from fresh and ripened sweet potatoes or cassavas and melted sugar which covers one surface of the cake. The cake looks like a bamboo basket, so it is call “banh re”. This is one of the famous foods in Phan Thiet.

8. Steamed stingray with fat served with rice paper & vegetable: The season of the mudskippers is usually between July and September (following the Lunar calendar). The biggest mudskipper can weigh from 3 to 5 kilogram while the medium mudskipper is from 1 to 2 kilogram and the smallest one is only 0,5 kilogram. Commonly, the big mudskippers are chosen to to prepare for the dish because of its lots of delicious flesh. There are many dishes made from the mudskipper, such as sweet sour soup, smudskippers cooked with sauce and garlic, pepper or chilli. However the most delicious dish is the deep fried mudskipper in pork grease with rice paper, which is the famous special dish in Phan Thiet you shouldn’t miss.

9. S teamed shrimp rolled with rice powder  has been one of the special street foods in Phan Thiet for a long time. Its unforgettable appetising flavor attracts all the tourists coming to Phan Thiet. It is also easy for you to make “Banh quai vac” yourself for your family to enjoy at weekends. “Banh quai vac”, which is both one of the simplest dish and sold in many places in Phan Thiet, leaves an impressive memory for everybody including people in Phan Thiet and the tourists.   

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10. ‘Giac’ sea snail raw salad  Melo melo or baler snail can be found along the seaside of Central Vietnam. Locals use the meat to make significant dishes. The most delicious dish can be melo melo salad with sweet and sour fish sauce. Let’s eat to your heart’s delight.

11. Phan Thiet style rice vermicelli soup with beef:  If it comes to beef noodle soup , then you think of bun bo hue , but if you know Phan Thiet beef noodle soup has its very own . With a completely different taste , especially small noodles rather large bun bo Hue to Saigon .

12. Others seafood dishes Phan Thiet – Mui Ne is famous for seafood. And, somehow, the best way to enjoy Phan Thiet seafood is grilled or roasted. Although there are many other methods of cooking such as hotpot, steam, stir-fry, etc. the best way is still grilled. May be because grilled dishes are easy to make, fresh and go very well with beer.

13. Box fish : Travelling around many beautiful beaches in Binh Thuan by motobike, such as Doi Duong beach, Mui Ne beach, the Hang pagoda and many other pristine beaches in Phu Quy, I got familiar with the boxfish, one of the most famous dishes in the Southern area in Binh Thuan (Ham Thuan Nam). 

14. Grilled squid teeth  A local dish of your favorite student Phan Thiet , not only the teeth but also squid steamed , stir-fried ....

15.Grilled rice papper with shrimp paste  is another version of “Banh trang cham mam ruoc”, which is a favorite dish of many students. This is a wonderful and tasty dish because of its ingredients, sauce, and the way to make it.

16.Rolled rice paper served with seasoning fish sauce  Specialty food and tradition of Phan Thiet , it is associated with childhood most people Phan Thiet . If the Phan Thiet and you do not taste the cake marking the shrimp sauce was really lacking !

17.Phan Thiet barracuda hot pot:  Go to Phan Thiet without enjoying hotpot cobia with family and friends , it is unfortunate

18.Bread with meat ball & eggs (shumai)  Never before had every body known why “Banh mi thit on Nguyen Hue street” became so familiar to Phan Thiet people. The only thing we are certain about is that people from all walks of life, regardless of age, are willing to wait in queue to buy the delicious breads from late afternoon until nearly mid night

19. Phan thiet water fern cake :Talking about beo cake, people will think about Hue where famous for this dish. Beo cake in Phan Thiet is quite different from cakes in Hue from the taste to the shape. Visit Phan Thiet and taste to know the difference between them.

20. Balut egg    Every where in Vietnam, you may find balut. But in Phan Thiet, this kind of dish is quite different in the way you eat it. And the special point is the pickles go with balut. Let’s taste it!

21.Spring rolls with rice paper :   In Phan Thiet , this local dish is very famous fried fish , a lot of tourists buy as a gift . Rolls are used in dishes like noodles or bread Phan Thiet . Also you can taste the fried fish was delicious rolls .

23.Braised sweet potato This is another daily food as other kind of xoi (a Vietnamese dish made from glutinous rice and other ingredients). Sweet potato stew is orvious in many Phan Thiet –Binh Thuan people’s mind. Because it’s delicious and cheap.

24. Grilled fish ball No one knows where this dish comes from, but it has been in Phat Thiet for the recent 4 or 5 years. Children and students love this dish. May be because it’s easy to make and eat. Although it’s simple, this have sotisphicated flavor and very delicious. So you will be surprised with this dish.

25. Ham tan grilled rice paper with meat   This dish is similar to the dish Nem lui cha . This is a snack that many people preferred Phan Thiet . How to eat fried extinguished by hand and not very interesting

26.Grilled meat spring rolls  Nem nuong Phan Thiet (Grilled nem Phan Thiet) is a popular dish that all Phan Thiet locals know and love. When I was a small child, every time my family went out for dinner at weekend or special occasions, nem nuong was always the best choice. At that time, this was an expensive dish that only sold in big restaurants like Thu Trang, Nhu May. Nowadays, this dish has become popular with average price.


27.Phan thiet steamed rice with boiled chicken  Everywhere in Vietnam, you may find chicken rice. But in Phat Thiet, the chicken rice has a specific delicious taste. I have visited many places, taste many different kind of chicken rice in Ho Chi Minh City, phan rang province, etc. But, I still love the chicken rice in my hometown, Phan Thiet. I fall in love with the smell of fish sauce, the taste of laska leaves and the sweet of the soup. This is the soup made the difference of phan thiet chicken rice.

29. D eep fried snakeheads served with rice paper & vegetable :  As a specialty local dish is very popular in Muine , not only tasty , attractive but also very cheap anymore . If you have to Phan Thiet - Mui Ne and that not enjoy this dish is a pity :)

30.Fresh bún with boiled pig inner parts  It’s not a perfect tour in Phan Thiet if you haven’t tried “Banh hoi long heo” in Phu Long. This special food includes “Banh hoi”( Steamed fine rice vermicelli), cooked pig’s chitterlings, rice papers, vegetables, and dipping sauce. Unlike its simple outside, “Banh hoi” requires sophisticated cooking process. In order to create wonderful taste, makers have to choose the rice with good quality.

31. Dragont fruit salad with crab meat Many visitors to Phan Thiet Mui Ne to wonder : " Is there any food to eat dragon fruit with it? " The answer is here ! This salad eat very lightly , so you can use it as an appetizer .

Việt Nam Home Restaurant
125AB Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Phan Thiet, Vietnam
T: 062 3847 687 - F: 062 3743 323 - M: 0918 803 659

33.Phan thiet special fish hot pot : To many visitors, lau tha hotspot is a significant dish of Mui Ne. Made from sillago or silversides, but the best for this hotpot is deep herring – one of the speciality fish of Phan Thiet – Binh Thuan area.

Việt Nam Home Restaurant
125AB Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Phan Thiet, Vietnam
T: 062 3847 687 - F: 062 3743 323 - M: 0918 803 659 

Việt Nam Home Restaurant (Chi nhánh 2)
53 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Phan Thiet, Vietnam
T: 062 3741 879  M: 0918 803 659



35. Crab hot pot :  Not only is the seafood hot pot , hot pot of Squeeze , gourmets as to Phan Thiet , they remember the food or crab pot . What I like about this hot pot soup is very easy to eat , taste ethereal lightness . Make sure you will be impressed when the prize pot dish coastal bold this . There are many places they do better by them and they do not need to use crab crab sea , delicious :) If you had Phan Thiet then do not forget the special dishes are light :)

37. Half dried squid : Besides Ranina crab (Huynh De Crab) and lobster, there is another kind of speciality in Phan Thiet that every one want to try - Phan Thiet one sun dried squid. Immagine yourself after playing in the sea, gather with your friends under the shade of seashore umbrellas to taste the fabulous flavor of one sun dried squid. How fantastic that is!

Việt Nam Home Restaurant :  125 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu Stress - Muine


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