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How do i get to Mui ne

 How to go to Phan Thiet? It’s located in the national roadway, 198 km from Ho Chi Minh City. So you may go by motorbikes with your friends. But it would be very tired by the time you get to the city. Here is an option for transportation – faster and safer.



-Morning: Depart from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) at 6:50, arrive at Phan Thiet at 10:30. Code of the train: SPT2 (daily train).

Ticket Fares

Name Depart time
Arrive time
 Type of seat
Spt 2 (SG- PT) 6g50 10g30 Ghế mềm điều hòa (Toa 84 ghế) 175.000 VND
Ghế mềm điều hòa (Toa 44 ghế) 195.000 VND
Ghế mềm điều hòa (Toa 108 ghế) 145.000 VND
Spt 1(PT- SG) 14g05 18g40 Ghế mềm điều hòa (Toa 84 ghế) 175.000 VND
Ghế mềm điều hòa (Toa 44 ghế) 195.000 VND
Ghế mềm điều hòa (Toa 108 ghế) 145.000 VND

Saigon railway station:
01 Nguyen Thong, Ward 9, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

Phan Thiet railway station:
 1 Le Duẫn,Phan Thiet City
TEL/Fax: 062.3833952

Notes: If you bring your motorbikes with you, the gasoline will be taken out for safety (prevent threats of burning and explosion). Therefore, you should keep a small portion enough to get to the station. Besides, bring along with you the same portion in a small bottle (just a small one for safety) so when you come to Phan Thiet, you may have enough gasoline to ride to the nearest gas station (about 3 km from the train station). Do the same for your return.





Departure from SG to Muine:
7: 00 pm, 7: 30, 8: 30, 8g00, 14g00, 15g00, 16g00, h, 19g00
Address in Ho Chi Minh: 274-276 De Tham Street, Dist. 1
Booking phone: (08). 38,309,309
Address in Phan Thiet: 121 ton Duc Thang-Phan Thiet City

Price: 145,000 USD (last updated on 12/21/2014)

Departing from HO CHI MINH CITY away from Phan Thiet:
1g00, 9g00, 8g00, 7: 00, 11g00, 14g30, 15g00, 16g00
 Phone book in Phan Thiet: (0623) 636,636-(0623) 743,113

Address in Muine: 20 Huynh Thuc Khang-Muine
Phone book in Muine:(0623) 636,636

Price: 145,000 USD (last updated on 12/21/2014)


Departure from SG: 7g15-7:45-17 h30

Price: 140,000 VND (last updated 12/21/ 2014)
Address: 199 Pham ngu Lao Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Booking phone: (08). 39205653-(08) 62958818.

Starting from Phan Thiet: 2 h-8 h 30-9 h-14 h 00

Price: 140,000 VND (last updated 12/12/ 2014)

Address :
Booking phone: (062) 3833277


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