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What to prepare for Mui ne trip

 For a long time you haven’t go with your family? The following list may help you in arranging your stuff for a fantastic trip with your beloved family.

1.Make a plan, check on the destination, place to visit and the weather.

- This would be the first thing come to your mind when preparing for a seaside trip. You must know where to go, so that you won’t be surprised at your destination.
- Choose the right time to visit. Usually, your trip will be on summer or holiday. Make sure that you have booked a hotel room beforehand. At the holiday time, you should make a reserved for at least a month. So are your train or coach ticket for both ways (leave and return).
- Search for the weather conditions at your destination to make sure you bring the right clothes.

Notes: Do not visit the beaches at the storm season.

2. Your identification documents

- Money: make sure you have enough money
- Passport or ID card
- A copy of your marriage certificate (some resort may require this if you go with your family)
- A copy of the list of luggage you bring along (to check when you leave or report when you lost your stuff)
- Your driving license andinsurance (if you drive your car)
- A notebook which has necessary and essential contacts for emergency cases.

Notes: You should keep these documents in your pocket to make it more convenient to report. But, you should be always on alert in the crowd

3. Electronic things

- Cell phones: most Vietnamese mobile network can work at Phan Thiet, but Vinaphone,Mobiphone and Viettel are the best.
- Camera, battery, charging cable, memory card - iPod/ Discman/MP3 and its battery or charging cables
- Battery charger or recharger of your cell phones, camera, laptop
- Multiple socket that suitable for all plugs
- Convenient small hair dryer (this would not be necessary if you stay in a big resort. Because they have prepared for you.

Notes: you should put them in a waterproof pocket

4. Medicines

- Digest and diarrhea medicine (in case you have seafood-borne illnesses)
- Flu, cough, fever medicine - Sunscreen, softener, anti-allergic medicine
- Anti Mosquito: don’t think that seaside city like Phan Thiet has no mosquito.
- Medicated oil
- Vitamin C, B1
- Bandaid, gel
- Motion sickness medicine, specialized medicine for your illness, medicines for your kid

Notes: you should keep them in accessible place.

5. Clothes:Depending on how long you go
- Wide-brimmed hat that can be folded (necessary when you go to the dune)
- Sunglass
- Face mask
- A pull - a comfortable and convenient one, non-nylon fabric.
- Pants, shorts, skirts, bedclothes, underwear
- Sport shoes and a flip flop/ plats
- Swimming suit (don’t forget this) Notes: Clothes must be in the nylon bags before arranging in yoursuitcase. This step will make you avoid the smell of the your vehicles. You may get these nylon bags at the housekeeping department of your resort.

6. Personal stuff

- Toothbrush, toothpaste, hair comb, towel (of course, they are available at the resort, but using your own stuff is more comfortable)
- Shampoo, body wash, face wash
- Foam and razor for men
- Mouthwash
- Cosmetics: in small cosmetic containers

Notes: put them in small jars/ containers in the exterior pockets of the suitcases

7. The other items

- Shoulder strap bag to contain essential and important items.
-Entertainment books, magazines (to read on the bus, train)
- Paper notes, pen.
- Map, guidebooks on tourist attractions.
- Plastic bag, vomit bag.
- Cards, dominoes, chess (this may be illegal or some airliner may not allow it. Please check before you go).
- Ear plugs (for sleeping/ swimming)
- Sleeping mask.
- A small knife
- Tobacco: Remember to buy beforehand. Some resorts are located in a quiet place where shops and market close veryearly. Therefore, buying cigarettes may become a huge problem. - Lighter - Snack: snack, soft drinks, chocolate, sweets,chewing gum Note: when you carry sharp objects, remember to put them in the checked baggage

8. For kid

- Towel
- Wet tissue
- Diaper
- Blanket (soft and light)
- Baby carriers, baby slings
- Nhiều quần áo ngoài/lót ban ngày, ban đêm (để thay đổi), áo quần ấm, vớ
- Clothes to change, warm clothes, underwear, socks
- Baby oil, powder
- Toys
-  Hair Accessories
- Milk, juice, baby food
- Milk box, feeding bottle, milk maker, bottle warmer,baby feeding bottle sterilizer
- Shoes
- Coat (even if you go to hot places, this would be always necessary for the air conditioner may be too cold for your kid)
- Body wash, shampoo, personal stuff If your kid is under 5 years-old.

Note : you should travel by train. Because, there are toilets in the train, it will be more comfortable to hygiene your children. Moreover, there is more space in the train than other means of transportation.


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